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The members of the Kimball Township Fire Department are dedicated to educating the public, especially our younger citizens about the importance of fire safety in and outside of the home.  We have gathered some resources and activities to help teach fire safety.  ​

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Red Rover (Pre-school)

Home Safety Council & Code Red Rover - I Spot Something Hot Watch the VIDEO 

VISIT the Code Red Rover website from the Home Safety Council (Parents and Teachers)

Sparky the Fire Dog (Ages 5+)

National Fire Protection Association website dedicated to Sparky, the fire dog.  VISIT the website.

Community Safety Net (Ages 5-7)

Junior Fire Safety for Kids eBook specifically for ages 5-7.  VIEW the eBook.

Community Safety Net (Ages 7-11)

Fire Safety Family Escape Plan.  VIEW the Planning eBook.

Tommy Flames (Pre-School)


VISIT the Tommy Flames YouTube page to watch various videos on fire safety.  

SMOKEY the Bear (All Ages)


VISIT the Smokey the Bear website for games and activities related to fire prevention and safety.  

Sparky School House (Teachers)


VISIT the Sparky School House for excellent and educational videos for teachers.

Sparky Digital Backpack (School Age)


VISIT the Sparky Digital Backpack page for great and informative videos, games, and apps for all school age kids.

Our Mission

The Organizational Mission of the Kimball Township Fire Department is to protect the lives and property of the people of the district from fires, hazardous materials incidents, and natural disasters; to save lives by providing emergency medical services; and to prevent fires through prevention and education programs.

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