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The Kimball Township Fire Department is pleased to announce the return of our Firefighter Cadet Program.   


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The firefighter cadet (cadet) program at the Kimball Township Fire Department is a training program for young men and women aged 14 through 17, interested in serving their community and preparing to become active firefighters upon reaching the age of 18. 


Cadets serve a support role for the senior firefighters at actual emergencies as a supplement to a formal training program. The cadet will attend weekly training opportunities with the senior firefighters. Those selected for this program are expected to act maturely and commit to a long and demanding program.


In both training and actual emergency situations, the safety of the cadet is of paramount concern to the department. As such, the activities of the cadets are limited in scope and the fire officers and advisors closely supervise them. It should be understood, however, that despite the training and supervision provided, firefighting is a dangerous activity and serious injury is a possibility. The fire officers and advisors will make every effort to minimize the cadet’s exposure to danger. It is also the responsibility of the cadet to avoid known hazardous situations and to follow the orders of the senior firefighters and officers.


Due to these inherent dangers of firefighting, strict rules of conduct and tight procedural standards have been established. Each member is expected to read and understand these requirements and adhere to them.


  1. Cadets must be in at least the 8th grade or be 14 years of age and may participate until the cadet reaches 18 years of age.  Upon reaching 18 years of age and have earned a high school diploma or equivalent, a cadet in good standing, may apply to join the Kimball Township Fire Department as a paid-on-call or part-time member.

  2. Cadets should maintain at least a “C” average in their middle or high school coursework and produce documentation periodically.  The Kimball Township Fire Department will monitor the cadet’s grades each grading period.  Parents may choose to limit a cadet’s participation in the program at any time due to family grade requirements.  In the event a cadet has a lower than ‘C” average, he or she shall be placed on probation until the grade returns to a “C.”

  3. Cadets must always obtain full permission from a parent or guardian to participate in our programs.

  4. Cadets report directly to their assigned advisor for all assignments and activities.

  5. Cadets will receive classroom training in core areas of interest with classes focused on CPR, communications, general fire, rescue, emergency medical services (EMS), and fire safety and prevention. 

  6. Cadets may participate in any or all of the following activities:

    1. Public Service Events

    2. Fundraising Events

    3. Training

    4. General Standby

    5. Fire Safety / Prevention Education and Activities

    6. Meetings

  7. Cadets should attend regular monthly meetings or events for your program participants.  These may include basic training coursework a fixed activity such as one of those listed above, or other activities within the department.

  8. Cadets may only perform support or auxiliary work at fire grounds, such as providing refreshments to the first responders well outside of the “hot zone” or operational area.

  9. Cadets may NOT operate any fire department apparatus either in an emergency or non-emergency status.

  10. Cadets will be allowed to ride on fire department apparatus in any mode.

  11. Cadets and their parent or guardian must sign a waiver that includes full disclosure of risks and releases the department from liability should someone become injured.

  12. Cadets and their parent or guardian are responsible for all of the equipment that may be issued to them.


  1. Cadets must successfully complete and pass a truck familiarization test before riding on any apparatus.

  2. Cadets must sign-off they have read and agree to abide by the applicable Standard Operating Procedures.

  3. Cadets must have completed Bloodborne Pathogens training.

  4. Cadets must be proficient in the donning and doffing of Personal Protective Equipment.

  5. Cadets will be assigned to one senior firefighter during any incident.  The cadet must stay on the apparatus until the senior firefighter and/or Incident Commander approves otherwise based on scene safety. 

  6. Cadets will never don a Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) and enter structure fires, training or actual.

Our Mission

The Organizational Mission of the Kimball Township Fire Department is to protect the lives and property of the people of the district from fires, hazardous materials incidents, and natural disasters; to save lives by providing emergency medical services; and to prevent fires through prevention and education programs.

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