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The Kimball Township Fire Department operates as a single team; however, the various activities and requirements of running a fire department are managed by various division leads. 


The various divisions within the Kimball Township Fire Department are:  Administration, Communications, Community Risk Reduction, Emergency Medical Services, Engineering, Quartermaster, and Training. 

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The Administrative division of the Department is led by the Fire Chief who is responsible for the overall management and leadership of the Department including operations, budgeting, reporting, personnel management, and oversight.  The Fire Chief is assisted in his duties by a part-time administration member who works with the Fire Chief, each division lead, and the crew to help ensure the office functions are accurately carried out.    


The Communications division is responsible for the station's computer and phone networks and communications equipment including portable and mobile radios and pagers.  This division's lead regularly tests the equipment and ensure repairs and maintenance are completed accurately and timely.  Additionally, this division works with our Public Information Officer to manage this website and our social media content.

Community Risk Reduction

The Community Risk Reduction division is responsible for conducting fire inspections, school fire drill reviews, education, smoke/CO detector installation, and fire prevention within our district.  

Emergency Medical Services

The EMS division is responsible for ensuring the EMS equipment on each of our four medically licensed trucks is ready to use when needed.  The division lead maintains an inventory and procures replacement equipment when needed.  The paramedic who leads this division is also responsible for coordinating our required EMS training in coordination with the department's training officer.  


The Engineering division lead and various engineers are responsible for performing regular inspections on each piece of equipment and truck.  The engineers work together to ensure preventative maintenance and repairs are conducted when needed.    


The Quartermaster is responsible for ensuring each team member has the appropriate gear to safely perform firefighting duties.  This division lead secures the appropriate equipment and if needed sends gear out for appropriate repairs.  Additionally, the quartermaster regularly inspects each member's assigned gear to help ensure the gear is not damaged which may subject the firefighter to injury.  

Recruitment and Retention

The R&R division lead is responsible for the recruitment of additional firefighters, EMS personnel, and communications personnel.  Additionally, this division lead also helps ensure each team member is performing as expected and is satisfied with their role and position.  Furthermore, we work to ensure each team member is valued for their individual unique gifts and talents.


The Department's Training Officer and division lead establishes the weekly training schedule in coordination with the various Field Training Officers (FTOs).  The Training division lead plans and conducts each training session and helps ensure each member maintains sufficient training to efficiently and safely conduct their role on each scene.  

Our Mission

The Organizational Mission of the Kimball Township Fire Department is to protect the lives and property of the people of the district from fires, hazardous materials incidents, and natural disasters; to save lives by providing emergency medical services; and to prevent fires through prevention and education programs.

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