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The Kimball Township Fire Department is a busy and professional  fire department staffed with over 30 paid part-time firefighters.  We provide the communities we protect with the following services while maintaining an active awareness of professionalism and safety:

  • Fire suppression

  • Non-transporting medical first responder services 

  • Specialized rescue operations

  • Hazardous material incident mitigation

  • Response to weather-related emergencies

  • Fire prevention and life safety inspections

  • Fire code enforcement

  • Public fire safety education programs

  • Civil preparedness planning

  • Support of numerous community events

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Department Overview

The Kimball Township Fire Department consists of one full-time fire chief and approximately thirty part-time Michigan certified and medically licensed firefighters.  The department responds to over 1,000 calls for service annually within the communities of Kimball Township and contracted portions of Clyde, St. Clair, and Wales Townships.  The department also regularly provides mutual aid to other communities.  Please visit out Statistics page to review the types of calls we have responded to over the last several years.

The Kimball Township Fire Department is available for service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  The department maintains paid staffing 24 hours a day.  Additional firefighters and medical responders are available on-call 24 hours each day as needed.  Our on-call firefighters will either respond to the station to place additional equipment in service or may respond directly to the scene as the conditions of the incident require.

Medical First Responder 

The Kimball Township Fire Department is dispatched to emergency medical calls within our service area along with an ambulance from Tri-Hospital EMS.  The department and our first responders are licensed by the State of Michigan to provide medical first responder services as a non-transporting agency.  

Our personnel are licensed Emergency Medical Responders, Emergency Medical Technicians, or Paramedics who have completed at least 200 hours of classroom instruction plus additional training in clinical rotations on an Advanced Life Support Ambulance and in a hospital emergency department.  Kimball Township fire personnel are able to perform assessments, treatments, and interventions consistent with the specific scope of practice of the department's medical license level.

Crew Qualifications

The firefighters of the Kimball Township Fire Department are Michigan Certified Firefighters and have earned an Emergency Medical Services medical license issued by the State of Michigan.  In order to become certified as firefighters each team member must complete a state approved fire academy which is based on a curriculum established by the National Fire Protection Association.  Each cadet must also pass a written and practical examination on fire science, operations, suppression, and related firefighting skills.  Additionally, the State of Michigan Bureau of Fire Services mandates all certified firefighters and EMS personnel attend continuing education in order to maintain certification and licensure.  

Daily Tasks

We are often asked what your firefighters do at the station when not responding to an emergency incident.  Each shift is broken down into four-hour blocks with each block having specific tasks and duties to complete.  Please visit the What Your Firefighters Do page for more information. 


The Kimball Township Fire Department operates as a single team; however, the various activities and requirements of running a busy fire department are managed by various division leads who report to the Fire Chief.  The various divisions within the Kimball Township Fire Department are Administration, Communications, Community Risk Reduction, Emergency Medical Services, Engineering, Quartermaster, and Training.  Please visit our Divisions page for more information about each division's roles and responsibilities.  Additional working teams may be added to address specific tasks such as grant writing or new equipment/apparatus design and acquisition   

Response Area

The Kimball Township Fire Department serves an area of 47 square miles in Kimball Township and contracted areas in portions of Clyde, St. Clair, and Wales Townships.  Our primary response area runs from Klettner Road on the South, North River Road on the North, Goodells Road on the West, and Range Road on the East.

Response Capabilities

Each of our two fire stations is equipped with an Engine/Pumper, Water Tender/Pumper, and a Rescue apparatus.  Additionally, the Department maintains a Grass/Brush fire truck, a patrol unit with a pump, and a Haz-Mat response trailer.


In order to protect the communities we serve, the Department maintains two fire stations.  The Administrative Offices and Station One are located on Allen Road and Station Two is located on Henry Street, both in Kimball, MI.

Our Mission

The Organizational Mission of the Kimball Township Fire Department is to protect the lives and property of the people of the district from fires, hazardous materials incidents, and natural disasters; to save lives by providing emergency medical services; and to prevent fires through prevention and education programs.

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