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We are often asked what your firefighters do at the station when not responding to an emergency incident.  Every 24-hour period is broken down into four-hour blocks with each block having specific tasks and duties to complete.

  • Administration duties including reporting

  • Apparatus Maintenance

  • Equipment Maintenance

  • EMS Equipment Inspections

  • Housecleaning

  • Ladders Inspections

  • Public Service Events

  • Records Management and Review

  • Report Completion

  • Small Engines Inspections

  • Training

  • Tools Inspections and Testing

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Administration duties including reporting

The administrative staff performs various tasks during their shift including reporting, payroll, and supply management.  

Apparatus and Equipment Maintenance

After each call each truck is washed and dried to help avoid premature corrosion which shortens the useful life of our apparatus.  In taking care of our equipment we demonstrate a commitment to the community that pays for our trucks and tools.   Each shift is responsible for performing equipment inspections on ladders, small engines, battery operated tools, ropes, and hand tools.   


EMS Equipment Inspections

After each call we replace any medical equipment we used on scene.  Additionally, each piece of medical equipment on our four medically licensed apparatus is checked daily to ensure it is in proper operational condition.  


We take pride in our station and therefore work hard to ensure our fire house is clean not only for ourselves but for the public who come in to visit with us.  Daily and weekly housecleaning tasks include disinfecting, vacuuming, mopping, cleaning restrooms, cleaning glass, shoveling snow, and any number of other tasks needed to maintain an efficient and clean fire house.

Public Service Events

We are often asked to participate in various community events and our team loves to show off the trucks and tools we use to help our community stay safe.  


Firefighters are told when they start their careers that this job requires continuous learning and training.  In order for our first responders to maintain their firefighting certifications and medical licenses each member must complete classroom and hands-on continuous education classes.  Additionally, our firefighters conduct various training sessions weekly and anytime our firefighters are at the station.

Our Mission

The Organizational Mission of the Kimball Township Fire Department is to protect the lives and property of the people of the district from fires, hazardous materials incidents, and natural disasters; to save lives by providing emergency medical services; and to prevent fires through prevention and education programs.

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