The Department tracks various metrics related to alarm responses and this data is reported to The National Fire Incident Reporting System (NFIRS). The NFIRS has two objectives: to help state and local governments develop fire reporting and analysis capability for their own use, and to obtain data that can be used to more accurately assess and subsequently combat the fire problem at a national level. The data we report is used to track fire cause, origin, time, and various other data points used to educate our community regarding fire prevention through our Education and Prevention teams.

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ISO Rating

The Insurance Services Office (ISO) surveyed our fire protection services including our response area and capabilities.  The purpose of the review was to evaluate a community’s ability to deliver structural fire suppression services, and the information obtained is used to determine a classification rating that is used by most insurance companies to determine the costs of business and homeowner policies.  ISO classification ratings run from 1 to 10 (the lower the number the better), and are determined on the way the fire department receives/dispatches fire responses (911/Saint Clair County Central Dispatch), available water supplies, and fire department manpower/equipment/training.  

Kimball Township Fire Department's Public Protection Classification (PPC) rating has improved to a Class 5.  While insurance companies determine the actual cost of each policy.  It is possible homeowners within our jurisdiction may see an improvement in the cost of their annual home insurance premiums.  


For information related to ISO ratings please visit the ISO website.  

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