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Kimball Township Fire Department’s Education & Prevention team aims to provide information to businesses within the communities we serve.  The goal of our fire inspection processes and of our fire inspectors is to help ensure fire and life safety precautions are in place and are compliant with the International Fire Code (IFC) which has been adopted by Kimball Township.   

By reviewing the information and following the links below you may learn about the services available and other valuable information related to fire and life safety.

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Knox Box Overview

To obtain information related to the secure lockbox program which you may obtain for your business please visit our Knox Box Information page by clicking HERE.




The Kimball Township Fire Department works closely with the Kimball Township Building Department to enforce applicable fire and life safety codes within our jurisdiction.  The Department’s Fire Inspectors may schedule a preliminary walk through of the proposed occupancy along with building plans.  The Fire Inspectors and Building Official will review the plans and provide any questions, concerns, or requests for modification to the plans. 


During the periodic inspection, the inspector will review the occupancy to ensure satisfactory fire and life safety conditions on your property are appropriate and in compliance with the applicable codes.  Items such as the following may be reviewed during the annual inspection: 

  • Condition of exits

  • Condition of interior finish

  • Operation of exit doors

  • Emergency lighting (if present)

  • Exit signs (if present)

  • Components of fire-resistive construction

  • Maintenance of fire apparatus access roadways

  • Maintenance of fire lanes

  • Proper addressing of the building

  • Fire extinguishers available and showing current service dates

  • Building exit discharge areas

  • Records for fire alarm and fire protection systems

  • Test records for smoke management system (if present)

  • Emergency evacuation plan (if one exists or is required).



If any conditions are found which violate the fire and life safety codes, could cause a fire, or endanger life or property, the Inspector will notify you and issue an inspection report requiring that the condition be corrected. 


A reinspection will usually be scheduled after a reasonable amount of time to correct the situation has passed.  The Inspector will work the property owner, business owner, or representative to schedule the reinspection.  Serious life-safety issues may be required to be corrected immediately including but not limited to, blocked exits and chained exits. 


The inspection report will include instructions for appealing the notice if you wish to do so.  However, filing an appeal does not delay enforcement of the Order.  The inspection report will also include instructions for requests for time extensions to accomplish work as directed by the Order.


Appeals Process

Any person with standing shall be permitted to appeal a decision of the Fire Inspector, Fire Marshall, or Fire Chief to the Board of Appeals.  The following are reasons why an appeal may be requested:

  1. The true intent of the Code has been incorrectly interpreted.

  2. The provisions of the Code do not fully apply.

  3. A decision is unreasonable or arbitrary as it applies to alternatives or new materials. 


Appeals shall be submitted in writing to the Fire Chief within 30-days of notification of the violation.  The appeal shall outline all of the following:

  1. The Code provision(s) from which relief is sought.

  2. A statement indicating which provisions of the code do or do not apply.

  3. Justification as to the applicability of the provision(s) cited above in reasons for appeal.

  4. A requested remedy.

  5. Justification for the requested remedy stating specifically how the Code is complied with, public safety is secure, and fire fighter safety is secure. 


Please submit the documentation referenced above to the Fire Chief at least seven (7) calendar days prior to the Board of Appeals hearing. 

Inquiries and Scheduling

If you would like to schedule an inspection or inquire about the inspection process please fill out our Contact Form.  ​​

DOWNLOAD:  Inspection Procedures and Fees

DOWNLOAD:  Right to Know Chemical Survey

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